Margaux Tardits has set up her studio-showroom at the heart of Paris in the 10th arrondissement. Like the wedding dresses created by the designer, no detail has been left to chance. This interior has been designed as an inspiring creative space, where French chic is given a new lease of life, year after year. It is also a space that offers a unique experience, charged with emotion and a friendly, relaxed vibe. In each room, there suddenly appears a Byzantine image or an African graphic design, surrounded by Calais lace and Louis XVI armchairs. We sense the influence of Deyrolle, Yves Saint Laurent, Madeleine Castaing, Valentino and more. And feel at ease there. Time stands still in this setting where important life decisions are made. From the first fitting to inspecting the final adjustments, Margaux’s team works alongside her customers with just as much care and passion as the designer puts into choosing her fabrics and refining her designs.