The Mystic

The man with Foresight

One day in early autumn when Margaux was still a young student, she was addressed by a strange man at the corner of a Parisian cafe. He was about fifty years old and had a distinctive accent that made him even more mysterious.

Margaux had sat down at a terrace with her friends and found herself sitting beside him. She hardly paid any attention to him until he began to speak to her… and gradually tell her details about her own life, about her parents and grandfather, sharing unsettling specifics that few people were supposed to know.

Margaux was rather surprised and, wondering how this man could know so much about her, asked him why he was telling her all this? And he simply replied that he knew that he could.

When the time came to leave, this strange man whispered as his parting words that she was destined for a great career…

Depuis cette rencontre surprenante, une porte au monde spirituel s’est ouverte. Un domaine qui l’a toujours intéressé et auquel, elle continue de prêter beaucoup d’attention.